Why it Makes Sense to use a Bail Bondsman to Get out of Jail

If you’ve been arrested and placed in jail, getting out fast is likely the only concern on your mind. Once the judge assesses a bond on your case, you can get free from the confines of jail. There are a couple of options to get out of jail. Both involve payment of the bond amount. However, when you use a Harrisburg bail bondsman, the amount that is needed to get out of jail is considerably reduced.

Bail bondsmen charge 10% of the bond amount. So, if the judge sets your bond at $25,000, a bondsman would only charge $2,500 to help you get out of jail. Along with the 10% bond amount, there’s also a small bondsman fee. The amount of this fee varies from one bondsman to the next, but is usually locked at a rate that does not exceed $36. Some bondsman allow you to sign your own bond, but in most cases, you’ll need someone to sign the bond for you.

By signing the bond, you and the individual who signs it, is agreeing to your appearance in court on the specified date and time. Failure to appear at the time results in forfeiture of your bond and a warrant issued for your arrest. The person who signs the bond on your behalf may also be subject to criminal charges in some cases.

Harrisburg bail bondsman

Using a bondsman makes sense to anyone who is facing criminal charges. Money doesn’t grow on trees and you likely do not have these large sums of money available. It’s much easier to gather the 10% bond amount to get out of jail before it has the time to turn your life upside down. Facing the charges is the best decision, and when using a bondsman you simply must appear in court. It gets you out of jail faster and with less money. What could be better?