Common Work Related Injuries

When you’re injured at work, you may qualify for medical malpractice if the injuries are the result of an unsafe work environment or equipment. You should speak to a work related injury lawyer Hillsboro OR if you’ve been injured while on the job. The attorney will speak to you at no cost and help you learn the next steps best to take in your case.

Some of the most common injuries that occur on the job include:

·    Lower Leg Injuries: An injury to the lower leg occurs when heavy machinery and equipment come into contact with the leg. Such an injury can be very devastating to the individual who’s sustained the hit.

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·    Wrist Injuries: Injured wrists are common in the workplace and occur in any environment that repetitive motions are used. There were approximately 173 work-related wrist injuries reported in 2016.

·    Foot Injuries: Many different problems can cause a foot injury to occur. These types of injuries are more common in facilities where heavy machinery and moving parts are present. Repeated stress of the foot, walking, and running can also cause foot injuries.

·    Back Injuries: Perhaps the most common work-related injury of all is a back injury. Back injuries leave many people unable to work and in considerable pain. While many of the problems people sustain with their back are those they caused from improper lifting and similar issues, many are also caused by issues at work.

These are the most common of the injuries that people sustain on the job that need an attorney to handle for a potential lawsuit. If you are injured, make sure that you take the matter as seriously as it is. After all, it is you who is experiencing these issues firsthand.