Get the Settlement you Should for Personal Injury

Personal injury can come in a few different forms. The most obvious is when you hurt yourself. Such an incident is your own fault and medical insurance or some band-aids should fix it right up. In other cases, you are injured by another person, usually in an unintentional manner. While this person did not mean to injure you, they did and the liability falls to them. Most of these cases are car crashes but they could also result from someone being injured on your property.

Whatever the case is, if you have been injured due to an accident and another person is liable for damages and medical costs, it isn’t as simple as being handed a check. As a matter of fact, if that happens, nobody knows about it. Instead, the insurance companies have to take the lead and examine the claims. Both parties are considered but it may be the case that one of the companies does not cover the damage. A Florida personal injury law firm will help you get the settlement you deserve.

These cases have to be represented by a lawyer or the chances of winning the settlement are not as good as they would be without the proper legal representation. Often, the other party has no insurance coverage for injuries occurring with other drivers. Since it is not required in all states or the amount provided by the insurance companies does not cover all of the damages, a further law suit is needed.

Florida personal injury law firm

This will either be settled out of court, if the attorneys can negotiate this, or it will have to go to court and could take months or longer to resolve. In many cases, you are left waiting and it can seem like forever. With proper representation, your attorneys can get you the full settlement that is coming to you, often in annuities.